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2020-11-13 10:00 - 2020-12-13 20:00
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特别提示:首日展览从11月13日16:30开始入场,请提前安排好您的观展时间。 由鲁迅美术学院人文学院、红梅文创园主办,玑木画院承办的,以艺术跨界为主要目的的展览活动 —— “红梅艺术与设计展览季 - 跨界”即将开幕。 展览季活动包括:I 解勇个展《创作有温度的艺术——艺术行为的社会关怀》(1、3、5展厅);II 辽宁省大学生文化创意设计大赛获奖作品展(6展厅);III 流浪者剧团《飗浪吟•四章》(7展厅);IV 张武运个展 《久别》(2展厅)。展览将在2020年11月13日于沈阳市铁西区卫工北街44号红梅文创园 发酵艺术中心开幕。 解勇个展 创作有温度的艺术——艺术行为的社会关怀 Art & social action Public arts in contemporary China - raising civic awareness 主办单位:辽宁省美术家协会 展览时间: Exhibition Time: 2020年11月13日 - 2020年12月13日 策展人:【喵特是最吼的】·格里莫 Curator:Alexandra Grimmer 执行策展人:谭珊 Exhibition Executive:Tan Shan 展览统筹:王宝阳 Exhibition co ordination:Wang Baoyang 展览助理:马勤清 张帅 Exhibition assistant:Ma Qinqing Zhang Shuai 地址:沈阳市铁西区卫工北街44号红梅文创园 发酵艺术中心 别让我被误解 —— 关于解勇最近一系列作品及其背景 解勇的艺术作品深刻地探索了当前社会尚未讨论的问题和错位。这位出生于1974年的艺术家、沈阳大学美术学院教授,以一种灵敏高效的方式成功打开了我们的眼界。他的媒介是象征人物及其处境的审美对象。《语言暴力可以成为武器》系列作品向大众展示汉字的偏旁部首按顺序排列,转变成为了重武器。这些作品以动画形式置于重现相关人物形象的物体旁,观者可以自由将其组合在一起。这些简单的对象中,蕴含着一系列难以启齿的问题,例如缺乏沟通、误解和社会边缘化。解勇选择了一条充满波折的路:通过寻找饱受语言暴力的青少年,直面这些个人悲剧,并将他们的遭遇带入我们的意识领域。 童年和青春期是孩子们在从周围环境获得的经验和信念基础上奠定个性的时期,在这一发展阶段,为了避免他们陷入自我怀疑,父母和家庭的支持和认可至关重要。在谢勇研究缺乏家庭温暖的个案中,青少年们遭受了漠视和排斥。 在解勇采访狱中青少年的案例中,他们意识到所发生的事情是被孤立的后果。日常压力和负面情绪使他们无法洞悉自己日常的生活状况,因为被困在残忍和冒犯环境中的人,很难对发生的事情有一个客观的看法,直到他们绝望的条件反射导致犯罪。 解勇在教育狱中青少年时重现了这种从小被忽视的过程,他通过将自己的作品奉献给他们,在我们的社会中提出了这个主题。 解勇触及了一个具有普适性的话题,不囿于中国,不沟通和愤怒的后果无处不在,没人愿意讨论这些问题,也没有人愿意让它们成为公众话题,艺术家以一种勇敢的方式,将个人的自我实现设定为一种高尚的、自我导向的艺术作品,包括之前描述的一系列图像、动画作品及装置,其背后是一种严格的概念性表述。 经验和历史告诉我们,艺术家或电影导演极大激发我们的想象力,他们能在他们的工作中抛出话题,让我们从另一个视角理解世界。 【喵特是最吼的】·格里莫博士,2020年10月 Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood About Xie Yong’s recent series of works and their background The artistic work of Xie Yong digs deep into the undiscussed problems and misalignments of our society. In a sensitive yet highly effective way, the 1974-born artist and professor at the Shenyang University of Fine Arts succeeds in opening our eyes. His media are aesthetic objects of symbolised personages and situations. Another series, titled ‘Words can be like weapons’, shows Chinese characters which, by jiggering and aligning in the right order, transform into heavy arms and weapons. These works exist in animated images next to objects where those relevant characters have been recreated, and visitors of Xie Yong’s exhibition may assemble them together on their own. In the simplicity of those objects lies a whole chapter of unspoken problems, such as lack of communication, misunderstanding and social marginalisation. Xie Yong decided to take an uncomfortable path and directly address those personal tragedies by finding adolescents who have suffered from words that were used as weapons against them and bringing their stories into our consciousness. During childhood and adolescence, children are building the foundations for their personality, which being built up on experience and conviction around their personal environment. Support and recognition from parents and family are essential during this developmental stage in order not to remain in doubt and uncertainty. Xie Yong researched cases of human fate, where these components were missing and where the adolescents consequently experienced disregard and rejection. In the case of the adolescents whom Xie Yong interviewed in their prison cells, the realisation of what had happened came as a consequence of their isolation. Due to daily pressure and negative feelings, it was impossible for them to gain insight into the situation of their everyday life. This is because being trapped in a cruel and offending situation, it was difficult for them to obtain an objective view on what was taking place until the terrible incident when their desperate conditioning led to physical action. Xie Yong resumes this process of neglect during the education which lead to the offence, which often began at a young age. He raises the subject in our society by dedicating his artworks to them. Xie Yong has touched a subject that is universal. Not at all limited to China, the consequences of problems from non-communication and rage exist everywhere, and nobody likes to discuss them or make them a public subject. In a brave way, the artist sets his personal self-fulfilment into a virtuous, self-directed artwork behind a strict conceptual formulation that involves the previously described series of graphic and animated works and installations. Experience and history have taught us that artists – or film directors are great stimuli to our imagination; they are able to bring up topics in their work that make us understand situations from another point of view. Alexandra Grimmer PhD, October 2020 语言暴力 关注儿童心理,拒绝语言暴力。“语言伤害”会给孩子幼小的心灵种下阴影,这种在童年埋下的伤口会持续恶化、放大,最终可能导致孩子从自卑的极端走向另一个极端的爆发——犯罪。 艺术家以社会现实问题为创作素材,从那些因为儿时遭受父母语言暴力伤害而造成犯罪的真实故事中炼出的“语言暴力”的创作元素,如:“猪脑子、丢人、就知道吃、废物”等,把这些语言以艺术装置的形式拼装成凶器,如:刀、枪、斧子、弩等,直观地将暴力语言对孩子内心的伤害展现出来。艺术装置作品以儿童互动游戏的形式在公共空间展出,邀请家长和孩子共同完成由“语言”到“凶器”的转换体验。 暴力语言对孩子心里的深远影响——暴力语言伤害的是孩子的心灵,其影响是持久的! 此次展览是艺术家解勇在国内的首次个展,共展出4个系列的23件装置作品,分别展出于1、3、5号厅,敬请期待! 辽宁省大学生文化创意设计大赛获奖作品展 —— 6展厅 展览时间:2020.11.13 – 2020.11.28 地址:沈阳市铁西区卫工北街44号红梅文创园 发酵艺术中心 流浪者剧团《飗浪吟•四章》 编导:阎三元 林映池 演员:阎三元 林映池 吕绍朋 现场音乐:吕绍朋 美术:邹涛 策展执行:何雨洁 赵逸安 演出时间:2020年11月13日17:00-17:30(首演) 展览时间:2020年11月13日 - 2020年12月13日 地址:沈阳市铁西区卫工北街44号红梅文创园 发酵艺术中心 《流浪者剧团》于2020年由阎三元和林映池成立。他们有着多年的国内外演出经历及创作经历。表演形式多元化擅长肢体及跨界艺术创作,从传统剧场到美术馆再到街头巷尾都可以看到他们的创作身影。剧团成立的起因在于两颗长期漂泊在外的艺术灵魂在疫情下受困于他们熟悉的家乡。于是两个人开始计划在这特殊的一年怎样用自己的方式跟家乡和朋友诉说自己这么多年漂泊在外的“流浪碎片”。所以在这次参演《飗浪吟•四章》中他们共分为四个不同的阶段和四场不同的演出。讲述他们的从出走到回归的历程。 这次展览与作品对他们而言不单单是一次演出而更多的是一次自我的回忆与沉淀。他们期待用他们多年在外的经验找到那些与他们灵魂产生共鸣的人。任何一种形式不管是音乐、肢体、绘画、戏剧,所呈现出来的最后的艺术效果不只是一种所谓的高深形式,而更多的是一种不同形式上的精神交流。在这里我们期待与您的交流不单单是语言上的更多的是肢体与精神的交换。 期待与大家相遇! 张武运个展 《久别》 After a long separation 张武运 Zhang Wuyun 策展人:袁小力 Curator:Yuan Xiaoli 策展执行:蔺圣冰 Exhibition Executive: Lin Shengbing 音乐团队:SOTI峙听(陈锦康 王聃宇) 展览时间: Exhibition Time: 2020.11.13 – 2020.11.28 地址:沈阳市铁西区卫工北街44号红梅文创园 发酵艺术中心 张武运 - 久别 艺术家张武运的艺术探索与日常所见有着紧密的相关性,近年创作题材大多为生活之中提炼的身边场景,作品始终展现出敏锐的观察力与艺术直觉。细雨、落叶、乌云、桥梁,这些本是常态的景物映射着艺术家的情感与想象,安静而又充满真实,透过景物的画面呈现了艺术家对于时间与空间的【喵特是最吼的】度思考,是对于时空变化背后的感受与想象,同时展现了看待现实、事物的独特角度,是艺术家自我意识的释放。画面中普通的景物是艺术家长期感受下形成的时空幻想,作品在将表达的特定时空场景保留后,将时空变化所带来的事物变迁进行抽离并赋予想象空间,使观者对画面中短暂所见的真实判断发生着犹豫,透过对于每个作品场景设想时空的定格,展开过去的场景重现与未来的精神穿梭的往复循环。观者置身展厅,透过艺术家的绘画作品与展览跨界音乐的融合,行走在营造的空间与环境中,仿佛时空刹时静止,即是对于过往、当下、未来的一次穿梭,亦是自己与不同时空中另一个自己的久别重逢。 Zhang Wuyun - After a long separation Zhang Wuyun\'s artistic exploration is closely related to what he sees everyday, In recent years, most of his works are scenes refined from life , his works always show keen observation and artistic intuition. Drizzle, fallen leaves, dark clouds and bridges, these normal scenery reflecting the artist\'s emotion and imagination, quiet and full of reality. The scenes present his multi-dimensional thinking on time and space, their feelings and imagination behind the change of time and space. At the same time, they show the unique perspective of looking at reality, which is the release of artist\'s self-consciousness. The common scenery in the picture is the space-time fantasy formed by the artist\'s long-term experience. After retaining the specific space-time scene, the works separate the changes of things brought about by the changes of time and space and endow them with imagination space, which makes the viewer hesitant to judge the truth of the short-term in the picture, and unfolds the past scene reproduction by imagining the space-time frame of each work scene and the spirit of the future shuttle cycle. In the exhibition hall, visitors walk in the created space and environment through the integration of artists\' paintings and Exhibition cross-border music. It seems that time and space are still for a moment. That is, it is a shuttle between the past, the present and the future, and it is also a long-time reunion between ourselves and another person in different time and space. 作品预览: 2020年9月5日回家路上的记忆 180cmX230cm 布面油画2020 购票须知 限购规则 每笔订单最多购买6张 退票/换票规则 票品为有价证券,非普通商品,其背后承载的文化服务具有时效性,稀缺性等特征,不支持退换。 儿童购票 1.2米以下儿童免票,需家长陪同,仅限1家长带1儿童. 实名购票规则 无需实名购票 活动须知 活动时长 以现场为准 入场时间 周二至周五(10:00-18:00,17:30停止入内) 周六、周日(10:00-20:00,19:15停止入内)。每周一闭馆 禁止携带物品 由于安保和版权的原因,大多数演出、展览及比赛场所禁止携带食品、饮料、专业摄录设备、打火机等物品,请您注意现场工作人员和广播的提示,予以配合。 寄存说明 无寄存处,请自行保管携带物品,谨防贵重物品丢失。
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